I'm Back, and I'm moving, so come on down to iamjustoohot.blogspot.com

Monday, September 18
I'm back, but I'm Moving
Hi all who have been loyally coming back to my page in hopes that i finally got around to updating, yes i'm back!
however i've decided to move my site. I'm tearing down this site somewhat, as such it looks so simple now, and am archiving all my old posts into my computer. soon you'll be able to catch a brand new and fresher then ever glimpse of my life.
just an update, i left off the site when i started serving national service, and since then, i've got into OCS, disrupted, signed-on, and got myself into medical school. The most important thing that's happened so far in my life? I've gotten myself a wonderful girlfriend.
So start heading over to iamjustoohot.blogspot.com and watch out for cool new updates.

p.s. my web-nick started out as a joke, and it has come to a point where i'm practically stuck with it for everything, so oh well, too bad (gives an actually-not-guilty-but-instead-quite-proud-of-himself-look)

- posted by dickson @ 9/18/2006 12:12:00 AM